Mimo Smart Baby Breathing & Activity Monitor, 6-12 months

Price: $199.99


Hear your little one’s coos and cries and get real-time insights about your baby right from your smart device with the Mimo Smart Baby Monitor

Designed for today’s new parents, the Mimo keeps you connected to your baby no matter where you are – whether you’re across the room or across the world. Available on iOS and Android, the Mimo app gives you insight about your baby’s sleep quality, sleep activity, respiration, body position, and skin temperature. When you’re not looking at the app, you’ll be kept notified of changes in your baby’s activity – including irregular breathing, wake-ups, and roll-overs – through custom alerts, delivered right to your smart device. We’ve designed the Mimo to fit easily into your life. Mimo kimonos are available in 0-3 month, 3-6 month, and 6-12 month sizing, so you can keep monitoring your little one as they grow. Our kimonos are machine washable, 100% soft cotton, and you can even throw them in the dryer on low heat. The Mimo can be worn under additional sleepwear such as a swaddle or pajamas, or can be worn on top of up to three (3) layers of cotton

Mimo is made in the USA. We’re headquartered in Boston, we ship out of Southern New Hampshire, our cotton comes from Tennessee, and everything else hails from New England. We’re a local company obsessed with parent-centric design and support

Finally: peace of mind, just when you really need it

REAL-TIME BREATHING – See your baby’s breathing while they’e sleeping, right on your phone, no matter where you are. Mimo’s proprietary technology picks up even the most subtle rise and fall of your baby’s chest, allowing you to know how she’s breathing, whether you’re in the next room, or across the world.
ALERTS YOU OF CHANGES IN YOUR BABY’S BREATHING AND ACTIVITY – Get customizable breathing, body position, temperature, and wake//sleep alerts, right to your phone, so you know what’s happening in the nursery.
ACCESS FROM ANYWHERE – Whether you’re in the next room, at the office, or out to dinner, see your baby’s activity, sleep history, and sleep activity, at any moment, all from the technology in your pocket.
HEAR YOUR BABY – stream audio from the nursery, right on your phone, from anywhere.
MIMO IS MADE IN THE USA – we’re headquartered in Boston, our materials come from New England, and we ship out of Southern New Hampshire.

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