The ParentNormal Crash Course: Everything Traditional Parenting Books Are Afraid to Tell You About Close Encounters of the Baby, Toddler and … (The ParentNormal Activity Series) (Volume 1)

Price: $8.99


There is no such thing as parenting advice. There are only parenting warnings. The ParentNormal Crash Course is three crash courses of parenting humor in one that feature hilarious parenting warnings about the daily grind of parenthood.

While many parenting books read like dusty textbooks, The ParentNormal Crash Course uses observational humor to reveal what it’s really like to be a mom or dad: exhausting, chaotic and supernatural. Expectant parents will enjoy the preview of days to come and current parents will laugh at how much they relate to the stressful scenarios described in the book.

The ParentNormal Crash Course is divided into three quick, easy-to-read and punchline-filled courses including:

The ParentNormal 101: 101 Things Every Parent Needs to Know Before Having a Baby

The ParentNormal 102: 102 Things Every Parent Needs to Know Before Their Baby Becomes a Toddler

The ParentNormal 103: 103 Things Every Parent Needs to Know Before Their Toddler Becomes a Threenager

Traditional parenting books are afraid to tell you everything about close encounters of the baby, toddler and third-year kind. But this book isn’t traditional. You’ll learn parenting truths like:

  • Raising a baby isn’t like raising a dog. It’s like being a dog. You’re always sniffing butts.
  • Getting a baby to drink their medicine is like getting someone with arachnophobia to drink a spider, except harder.
  • 95% of helping a toddler who falls down is trying not to laugh at how they fell down.
  • The only thing threenagers can’t lose is their voice.
  • Parents don’t go on vacation. Kids go on vacation while their parents babysit them.

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